Thursday, April 12, 2012


 {Steven Alan shirt, thrifted Gap shorts, DIY ribbon belt, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Urban Outfitters shoes}

We've had some really nice weather here in Nashville lately. Knowing that unbearable humidity (soon enough I'll look like this) and 100° days are just around the corner, I plan to spend all of my free time in the next few weeks at the park across the street. 

Clothing wise, I like to keep things pretty simple when park frolicking. To me, there's nothing worse than seeing a girl overly "done up" for something as simple as a day at the park (although it can be fun to watch the makeup melt off faces). Give me a good Steven Alan button-up shirt, a pair of old denim cutoffs, and a quick swipe of pink lipstick and I'm good to go.

Speaking of Steven Alan, I'd like to share with you a film (Directed by James Clauer) that Dustin Lane—the other half of this blog—shot for Nashville's nD Festival (the event was waaaaaaay back in October) to benefit the Belcourt Theatre. The film, which features the fashions of designer, Steven Alan, premiered on the last night of the festival. Ultimately, over $45,000 was raised for The Belcourt Theatre's Education and Engagement Programs. Since I was a lazy blogger and never got around to posting about the event, you can head on over to Zarna's blog to get the scoop. 


  1. Can you come stock my closet? And frolic in my (new and all mine) fenced in back yard?!